David Wernsing

mr. D.O. (David) Wernsing

Advocaat ('Attorney-at-law')

Since the beginning of his second year of legal studies, David worked one day a week at the former office of Julien Luscuere (Julien joined Maes Law in September 2020). This is where he was introduced to the law concerning foreign nationals. In the run-up to his graduation David wanted to work more days a week, and Julien put him in touch with Bart Maes. David started with the then Maes Staudt Advocaten and threw himself into labour migration. After graduation, he became a professional support lawyer at Maes Law, and in August 2020 he was sworn in as a lawyer.

When a new client wants to hire third-country nationals in the Netherlands , but has no idea how the process works, David finds satisfaction in putting the best possible advice forward. David stands for clarity, a client should be given answers to questions instead of being left with more questions. He enjoys pioneer cases and likes seek out possibilities that have not been used before, and thus to create an immigration-law ‘route’.