Employment law / Labour law

Anyone who works has to deal with employment law. Whether as an employee, director, temporary worker or as a so-called payrolled employee. Self-employed workers also sometimes have more to do with employment law than they thought. It can be difficult to determine who falls under which heading. We are the experts in this area.

Maes Law is completely familiar with all facets of employment law. For example, we can advise you in drawing up a good employment contract, but we can also assist you in the event of a labour dispute. If this gets out of hand, it is good to know that we have knowledge about all the ins and outs regarding dismissal law. Individual and collective cases, straightforward and high level/sensitive matters.

Collective trajectories are our specialty. For example, we can draw up a personnel guide or other arrangement (or even an entire collective labour agreement), we can indicate exactly when you are dealing with employee participation, and we know when and under what conditions employment conditions can be changed. Reorganisations, transfer of undertaking and collective labor agreement law are subjects in which we excel. It is not without reason that we regularly act as lawyer's lawyers on these themes

Within the employment law section, we are aware that our field of expertise operates within and beside other fields of law. We recognize and recognize the importance of adjacent areas of law, such as corporate law, insolvency law and contract law. We can do a lot ourselves, but we certainly don't shy away from enlisting the help of our professional contacts for specialist knowledge in these areas.

Our approach is always direct, to the point and sometimes a bit unorthodox. That combination makes us successful.


  • Employment conditions

  • Collective labour agreements & social plans

  • Dismissal law

  • Transfer of undertaking

  • Employee participation

  • Temporary / posted work and payrolling

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mr. E.P.W.A. (Elise) Bink

Senior advocaat ('Attorney-at-law') employment law

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mr. C. (Cigdem) Özcan

Advocaat ('Attorney at law') corporate immigration / employment law

Marijn Rinck

M. (Marijn) Rinck

Legal researcher employment law


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