Cross border employment law

People from outside the Netherlands have rights and obligations as well. Sometimes they are the same as those of people who work in the Netherlands permanently, but more often not. In addition, special rules are often applicable to them and these are increasingly subject to stricter enforcement.

This, of course, includes all kinds of employment laws and employment law issues such as the statutory minimum wage, collective labour agreement wages, hard core provisions, the Posting of Workers Directive and its implementation in the Netherlands via the Terms of Employment Posted Workers in the European Union Act, the famous ‘Waadi-registrations’, the issues surrounding temporary employment and hiring in / lending out, self-employed persons (‘ZZP-ers’), the platform economy, etc.

Unfortunately, laws and regulations – also in the Netherlands – are often far behind economic reality. Work, working conditions and ‘immigration’ (also of EU nationals which is not actually immigration) are highly polarised and politicised. Political will (or majority) is often lacking. So we have to solve current problems with often ancient laws and regulations. And that suits us fine.

Also unavoidable in this era is the increasing legalisation of labour relations with a huge increase in administrative burdens. There too, as an office, we try to be proactive. After all, it must remain workable. That requires smart solutions. And we are good at that.

Where possible, we do things ourselves. But if something falls even slightly outside our area of expertise, we immediately cooperate with other specialists. Think of pension law (very current in a European context), tax and social security law matters. But we also work with foreign colleagues on a daily basis. We are open and transparent about this and costs are charged without any surcharge. Because lawyers who master more than, say, two distinct legal fields do not exist. Whatever they claim. Contemporary times require devotion to a special area of work with a specialised knowledge base. And that will not change.


  • Posting of workers Directive

  • 'Waadi' registrations

  • Hiring out / lending in workers

  • Contracting

Bart Maes

mr. B.J. (Bart) Maes

Founding partner / Advocaat ('Attorney-at-law')


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