Corporate immigration

Corporate immigration is here to stay. Due to ever increasing internationalisation, cross-border (employment) mobility has become a structural fact that many companies and institutions have to deal with. And that will only increase. Not only with regard to EU, EEA and Swiss nationals – who are allowed to work in the Netherlands without any restrictions – but also and especially with regard to people from outside this area (‘third-country nationals’ in legalese).

We live and breathe corporate immigration. In all its forms. Consider, for example, the highly skilled migrant scheme or the Blue Card. Or intra-corporate transfers or ‘overplaatsing binnen een onderneming’ as we have translated it in the Netherlands. Or the search year for students, internships, permits for student side jobs up to and including very large projects that may or may not fall under the relatively new International Trade Regulations. In the vast majority of cases we will try to prevent you from applying for combined permits for residence and work (GGVA’s) that you often find on government websites.

Short stays are of course often the order of the day, where matters such as visas, free terms of 90 out 180 days and work permits or exemptions thereof play an important role.

So, if you want someone to be able to legally live and work in the Netherlands: it is right up our street. We are always ahead of others because we are always aware of the most current state of affairs. Because if there is one thing that is constantly changing, it is corporate immigration. And if there is one thing you should never do in the Netherlands, it is to have a foreign national carry out work illegally, because that can be very expensive for you and the possible chain of clients and contractors with which you work.

Service provision within the EU is an important part of this, but because it is broader than just the problems surrounding third-country nationals and it is also becoming increasingly more important, we have devoted a separate page to this.


  • Visas

  • Work and residence permits

  • Knowledge migrants and blue cards

  • Intra corporate transfers

  • International trade regulation

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mr. D. (Drenusha) Hoxha

Advocaat ('Attorney-at-law') corporate immigration

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mr. D.O. (David) Wernsing

Senior advocaat ('Attorney-at-law') corporate immigration

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mr. B.J. (Bart) Maes

Founding partner / Advocaat ('Attorney-at-law')

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mr. T.H.J. (Thom) Schot

Advocaat (Attorney-at-law) corporate immigration


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