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mr. D. (Drenusha) Hoxha

Advocaat ('Attorney-at-law')

Drenusha has started studying Law at the Juridische Hogeschool Avans/Fontys in Tilburg. After graduating, she completed her pre-Master's and then Master's degrees in Law at Tilburg University. She graduated at the end of January 2021 and has been working as a professional support lawyer at Maes Law since March 2021!

Drenusha is very driven and believes that self-improvement is very important. Her ambition is to become a lawyer and she hopes to start the professional education as soon as possible to be a fully qualified lawyer. What she likes most about the profession is to help clients answer legal issues and she is driven to get the best results for their needs. As a professional support lawyer, she supports Bart Maes and David Wernsing in their work.

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