Corona crisis: the effect on the status of students and professionals from outside the European Union in the Dutch labour market

Maes Lawon

Thousands of students from outside the EU study in the Netherlands. It has always been difficult for this group to access the job market, for example due to the language barrier or major cultural differences. The corona virus makes the situation even more difficult, leaving many non-EU students and employees uncertain of their future in the Netherlands.

Students who are not from the EU, but who study in the Netherlands have one year after graduation to find a job – the so-called search year. The corona virus makes finding a job within a year and extending the visa very difficult.

Julien Luscuere (Inigo Advocaten), Thomas van Houwelingen (Everaert Advocaten Immigration Lawyers), Tesseltje de Lange (professor at Radboud University) and our own Mandy Janzen-Westerburgen have discussed the current situation regarding the corona virus. In the online conference, these four experts discuss the legal and political options that can be used for students and employees with a residence permit.

Curious? The conference has been recorded and can be viewed here.

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