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mr. C. (Cigdem) Özcan

Advocaat ('Attorney at law') corporate immigration / employment law

Cigdem graduated from Leiden University in March 2020 with a master's degree in Employment Law. During and after graduation she gained work experience as a lawyer in employment law and since 1 November 2021, Cigdem has been working at Maes Law, where she is part of the corporate immigration section. Firstly she gained work experience as a professional support lawyer and in August 2022 she was sworn in as a lawyer. With her employment law background, Cigdem bridges the gap between the employment Law section and the corporate immigration section.

Cigdem is involved in the client's situation. She attaches particular value to the relationship with the client. What kind of company is it? What is the company's core business? Cigdem helps clients in an honest, transparent manner. In this way, the clients always know what to expect.

Cigdem Özcan is registered in the Zeeland-West-Brabant district.

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