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mr. C. (Cigdem) Özcan

Professional support lawyer corporate immigration

Cigdem obtained her master’s degree in employment law from the University of Leiden in
March 2020. During her studies, she did work placements with small and medium-sized law firms, she did volunteer work, and she was on the board of a moot society by the name of Pleitvereniging D.J. Veegens. In November 2021, Cigdem joined Maes Law as a professional support lawyer, where she is a member of the employment law practice group. Before Cigdem started at Maes Law in November 2021, she gained a year of experience as a legal expert in employment law.

Employment law is always in full swing, and never boring as a result, which is exactly why
Cigdem enjoys it so much. She handles issues creatively and tries to make the impossible possible. Being involved in the client’s situation is very important to Cigdem. What type of company is concerned? What is the corporate culture like? What is the company’s core business? Cigdem is ready to help clients in an honest and transparent manner. This way, clients always know what to expect.

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