Elke Lenting

E. (Elke) Lenting


After receiving her HAVO degrees, she began studying tourism. It soon became clear that this was not for her, and to fill the time she worked at the office of a notary. She enjoyed working in notarial services, and Elke decided that she wanted to continue in this. In addition to her 5-day working week she attended a notary’s clerk training on Saturdays for four years, and obtained her diploma. After a few years in the notary, she wanted a new challenge. At that time, Maes Staudt Advocaten (the predecessor of Maes Law) came along, and Elke found her new challenge. She has been working in the legal industry for 12 years now, and has been office director since the start of Maes Law in March 2020.

Elke’s motto is: ‘it doesn’t matter what your motivation is, as long as have one.’ She likes to do others a favour and is happy when things succeeds. Whether it’s something big like managing an office or something small, it doesn’t matter. As long as she is challenged, because stagnation is not an option.

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