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E.C.M. (Eva) Tinnemans-Penning

Executive assistant

After years of working as a nursery worker at a nursery school, Eva was ready for a new challenge. She came across a job as a secretary at a law firm in Amsterdam, and this immediately appealed to her. She had a fairly romanticised view of the legal industry from John Grisham's books, but had no idea what the job involved. She was told that she had too little experience, but Eva didn't give up so easily. After sending a bold application letter to the partner of the law firm, stating the reasons why they should give her a chance, she was allowed to interview and was accepted on the spot. In 2003, she started her career at a law firm, which continued when she joined the then Maes Staudt Advocaten a few years later. Here she worked intensively with Elke Lenting for 10 years, and after a short break at another office she joined Bart and Elke again in November 2020 because she missed the collaboration.

When there's chaos, Eva creates structure. She is good at arranging and organising things, and as the right and left hand of Elke, she provides a firm and solid basis for Maes Law. For example, she sets out how certain office-wide activities should be carried out and deals with administrative matters. Eva has a great passion for photography. In addition to her work at Maes Law, she works with her partner to further develop this hobby.

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