New look for residence documents


Since early October 2020, the residence documents in the Netherlands have received a new look.

From 2012 the residence cards looked like this (2012 model):


Whereas the residence cards have looked like this since October (2020 model):


The 2012 model residence documents are still valid and will not be updated nor will new residence documents be provided. Please note; that all the residence permits issued since October 2020 have the new look, and a scan of the front and back of the new residence document must be kept in the administrative records of the (recognised) sponsor and must be retained for 5 years after the (recognised) sponsor no longer acts as such for the foreign national. This is in order to comply with the administrative obligation under the Modern Migration Policy Act, at least in this respect.

These residence documents contain the same information and are both valid. The new residence documents show the photograph of the foreign national several times and even contain the foreigner national’s signature. In any event, the residence document must show the identity and nationality of the foreign national and the conditions under which they may reside in the Netherlands.

If for any reason there is any doubt as to the authenticity of the residence document, always check the residence document by reference to the authenticity features of Dutch documents for foreigners, as shown here.

Should there still be any questions about this, please contact Mandy Janzen-Westerburgen or one of her colleagues. We would be pleased to assist you.

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