Ons team

Bart Maes

mr. B.J. (Bart) Maes

Founding partner / Advocaat ('Attorney-at-law')

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WEB sRGB 20200416 DavidWernsing 012-2048x1366

mr. D.O. (David) Wernsing

Senior advocaat ('Attorney-at-law') corporate immigration

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WEBsRGB 20210323 DrenushaHoxha 01

mr. D. (Drenusha) Hoxha

Advocaat ('Attorney-at-law') corporate immigration

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WEB sRGB 20211101 CigdemOzcan 11827

mr. C. (Cigdem) Özcan

Advocaat ('Attorney at law') corporate immigration / employment law

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Foto Thom Schot

mr. T.H.J. (Thom) Schot

Advocaat (Attorney-at-law) corporate immigration

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WEB sRGB 20220103 EliseBink 14957

mr. E.P.W.A. (Elise) Bink

Senior advocaat ('Attorney-at-law') employment law

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Marijn Rinck

M. (Marijn) Rinck

Legal researcher employment law

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20201029 EvaTinnemans 0624

E.C.M. (Eva) Tinnemans-Penning

Executive assistant

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WEB sRGB 20210127 3165

S.A.A.J. (Simone) Rutjens

Facility support

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WEBsRGB 20210323 HarryVanDrongelen 02

mr. dr. J. (Harry) van Drongelen

Member of advisory board / advisor

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