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No time to worry about complicated files of employees from outside the EU?

The labour market in the Netherlands has never been this tight. Many companies choose to employ people from outside the European Union, so-called 'third-country nationals'. This can be a hassle because there are a lot of rules involved when you are working with employees from outside the EU. For example, think about:

  • Being or becoming a recognised sponsor

  • The many different residence permits

  • Notifications to the IND

  • Salary criterion for Highly Skilled Migrants

  • Taking care of the Modern Migration Policy: the duty to keep and retain records, the obligation to provide information, and the duty of care

It can cost a lot of time to work on these complicated files of third-country national employees from outside the EU. Mistakes are easily made due to all the rules and restrictions. This can lead to administrative enforcement and sanctions, such as high fines or even losing your right to call yourself a recognised sponsor.

Is your company working with third-country nationals? Or are you considering hiring employees from outside the EU, but are the many rules holding you back? Maes Law is here to help. Our corporate immigration team will make sure that your employees can legally live and work in the Netherlands.

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