Good and bad news

Maes Lawon

Let’s start with the bad news: mr. Elodie Janssens has left us as of today because she aspired to position in government. And she also accepted such a position as an employee in the Civil Affairs Department of the municipality of Oosterhout. We wish her every success in her new role and she knows that she can always return to our office if the grass there turns out to be less green than at Maes Law.

She is succeeded – and this is the good news – by mr. Lisa Scheerlinck who combines her position as Professional Support Lawyer with her ‘second job’ (or first job, depending on how you look at it) as a top hockey player for Ladies first team of ‘Oranje-Rood’ in Eindhoven. She recently graduated from Tilburg University with an 8 for her thesis on the conditions of employment of personnel on board Dutch versus American cruise ships. Lisa has been warming-up for a month with Elodie who did a handover with her last month, but as of today, she’s on her own. But we have every confidence. Lisa is literally and figuratively a winner!

As Maes Law grows – now spread over three branches – there is also an increasing need for facilitation support for everything. And since we have quite a few couples in the office, we can add these two: Claudio and Simone will take care of the integral facility support of Maes Law for all branches as of today. They will have less to do with clients, but all the more so with suppliers to our office, some of which will end up in their portfolio. We are very pleased with their arrival because it considerably reduces the task of administrative support in our office, enabling them to focus even more on cases and clients. And that’s what we’re all about, after all.

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