Nieuwe werknemers januari

Introducing: Kim, Raisa, Eva and doctor Jan

Maes Lawon

The new year is off to a good start for Maes Law, because from 1 January 2022 we welcomed four new colleagues! Time for an introductory round:

Kim will work for Maes Law as the education manager. This means that she will provide and coordinate courses that are given. In addition, she will support the employment law department in Amsterdam with its daily activities.

Raisa, Eva and Jan form – together with Bart Maes – our new section Fundamental Rights & Litigation. This section will focus on human rights and civil lawsuits, but more on that later! Within the section, Raisa and Eva will be Counsel for the time being, but they will both become lawyers as soon as possible. The section is also explicitly multidisciplinary, which is why we were able to recruit doctor Jan Bonte, neurologist, as our Medical Counsel. Jan will be responsible for medical-scientific advice and evidence in legal proceedings. The section will gradually be increased with new people of various backgrounds.

Welcome to all of you!

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