mr. L.S.M. (Lisa) Scheerlinck

Professional support lawyer

After her hbo education at the university of applied sciences in Tilburg, Lisa followed her pre-master and Master of Law (LLM) at Tilburg University. After obtaining her master’s degree (which she completed with an average of 8!) Lisa learned from her thesis supervisor that Maes Law was looking for a new professional support lawyer. She came by for a discussion the very same day and in January 2021 Lisa joined the Maes Law team. Lisa supports Mandy Janzen-Westerburgen and is involved in filing permit applications.

The most important thing to offer the client is openness and transparency, because it is important for the client to know where it stands. She is doing her bit by providing the clients with the information they need, and making the process easier for them. Lisa wants to continue to develop herself within Maes Law and learn all about labour migration. In addition to her work, she also spends at least 20 hours a week playing top-level hockey. Lisa plays for the Ladies first team of ‘Oranje-Rood’ in Eindhoven. She loves to release her energy on the hockey field after a busy working day.