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As of tomorrow, May 1, 2021, Maes Law B.V. reshaped our collaboration with partner lawyer Julien Luscuere. Luscuere will remain associated with Maes Law as an external advisor, but will practice independently in Rotterdam under Julien Luscuere Advocatuur B.V. The Dutch Government’s ‘benefits affair’ plays an important role in this choice. Luscuere, who is also chairman of the Specialists Association of Migration Lawyers (SVMA), explains: “The current attention of politicians, administration and the judiciary for the human dimension in administrative law has fueled a lot for me. I have always put people at the center of my work and fought with my clients for a transparent, but also fair and helpful government. I regularly broke down. In recent months as chairman, I have again seen many testimonials that together with our members, we have also raised in the media. I realized that my heart clearly lies in this field. However, I do not just want to shout and point but also contribute to a solution. And that momentum is clearly there now. ”

Bart Maes, partner of Maes Law B.V., adds: “We are currently in an enormous development of the office, where we have to make choices and want to go for it. Julien indicated that he needs more space to shape the processes within the government as a lawyer and administrator. We understand very well and respect that one hundred percent. Of course we think it is a great pity that he is taking this step because he is an excellent lawyer and very passionate as a lawyer.” Julien shares this double feeling: “Maes Law was a relief for me because it not only talks about innovation, but also does it, gives young lawyers a chance and is always looking for new opportunities and markets. I will miss that drive very much. On the other hand, I always want to go all out for something, whether that’s a procedure, growing an office, or a broader social purpose like now. I am pleased that we have now chosen a suitable form, without our ambitions getting in each other’s way. ” Certainly, Bart concludes: “Our bond remains strong, and we now know each other’s qualities better than ever. We have regular consultations in our Advisory Board and we know how to find each other in order to achieve optimal results for our clients! ”

Julien Luscuere’s clients are well informed about the follow-up, and the continuity and quality of the service and advocacy are, as always, paramount.

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