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Miriam Berendes-Currey joins the Maes Law team!

Maes Lawon

Current laws and regulations regarding the employment of third-country nationals (non-EU / EEA / Swiss nationals) have become incredibly complex. It is therefore not surprising that mistakes are made unintentionally by many companies’ HR & payroll departments. This can have major consequences for the companies involved as well as for their employees and accompanying family members, as companies are not aware of the conditions and risks. It is for this reason that we are very happy with our new colleague, Miriam Berendes-Currey.

Miriam has been working in the world of HR & payroll since 2012. When Miriam began at a recruitment agency, she studied the laws and regulations surrounding the secondment of highly educated professionals. After a few years, she was able to apply this knowledge again at a large payroll provider that, as a recognized sponsor, acted as a bridge between many Dutch and international companies and their highly skilled migrants. In 2020, Miriam took a different path and started as an HR Process & Payroll Consultant at Quoratio, where she supported and advised companies in the field of HR, Payroll and related business processes.

At Maes Law, Miriam will revisit her experiences in working with third-country nationals and focus on auditing employers who work with third-country nationals. This will help prevent many problems and - if necessary – produce immediate solutions.

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