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Martin Poelman to join forces with Maes Law

Maes Lawon

As of today, Martin Poelman, together with his colleague Yord Koudstaal, will join Maes Law’s team. Bart Maes and Martin Poelman have known each other for many years and have worked together intensively in various matters for many years. That called for a closer collaboration in which Martin joins Maes Law as a partner. In short, Martin brings the following specialisms:

  • Corporate recovery

  • Civil litigation

  • Business law

  • Class action claims

  • Cartel damage claims

At first glance, these specialisms seem to show little synergy with the existing specialties of Maes Law, but that is just an illusion. Of course Martin has an independent practice and brings interesting, really new niches with him. But there is also a lot of overlap, especially in the field of civil litigation in many (government) liability cases. Both teams can also measure themselves against each other in the area of European law.

Martin brings with him his existing practice and client base. They will automatically receive a new confirmation of engagement from our office, wherein the core agreements will of course not immediately be substantially changed compared to the existing agreements.

We are very pleased with the transfer of Martin from Wintertaling Advocaten & Notarissen in Amsterdam to our office and we are convinced that he, together with Yord, can enrich our existing team and together we will be able to create even more pleasing, innovative solutions for our clients!

Please do not hesitate to contact Martin:
office +31 85 9025 781
mobile +31 653174729

or Yord:
office +31 85 9025 782
mobile +31 618441139

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