Maes Law is expanding again!

Maes Lawon

As of May 1, 2021, we were able to welcome two new colleagues to our office.

First of all, Lissa Blommers will strengthen our team. After a career in real estate, she thought it was time for something different: Maes Law. We are very pleased with her coming to further shape and manage the growth of our office!

As of May 1, 2021, our office became associated with Dr Ronald Beltzer, former professor of employment & enterprise Law. At Maes Law he will operate as Counsel. He is a celebrity in the employment law world and we doubt whether there is anyone with any employment law background who has never read an article by him or does not have a book that he wrote on the bookshelf. His track record is impressive. We have big plans; after a transition period from his current office, Corel, he will be sworn in as a lawyer as soon as possible. Together with us, he will start a completely new employment law section. He will serve our clients even better now that international labor migration has become so intertwined with cross-border and cross-border labor law. There will also be plenty of room for the national, “house-garden-and-kitchen labor law”, so that our clients can also be served at the highest possible level in that regard. We have a particularly good connection with each other and we are therefore very pleased with his commitment to our firm and the confidence he has placed in us with it. We certainly will not put that to shame!

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