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Eva Tinnemans and Anand Khandelwal will strengthen our team as of today

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Maes Law continues to grow! On behalf of Maes Law I am proud to publicly announce that Eva Tinnemans and Anand Khandelwal are joining our team. They have very different backgrounds and will have very different functions, but since they are both starting today – in practice as of tomorrow – I will introduce them together.

Eva Tinnemans-Penning is no stranger to the former colleagues and clients of Maes Staudt Advocaten. She joined Maes Staudt Advocaten as a secretary on 1 March 2010 and over the years has grown into an all-round management assistant with a strong legal-content component. At the termination of that office per 1 March 2020, she started working for Advotico, the Eindhoven section of Maes Staudt Advocaten; the section of Maes Staudt Advocaten in Breda became Maes Law on 1 March 2020. She therefore worked for Maes Staudt Advocaten for exactly 10 years.

Eva has chosen to continue her career with us in Breda as of today. In the meantime, she is of course an old hand when it comes to the ins and outs of a law firm and she will therefore immediately start working as an assistant to our office director, Elke Lenting, which will bring a welcome relief to range of tasks that Elke has. We – and Mandy, Elke and I as veterans of Maes Staudt Advocaten in particular – are particularly pleased and honoured with her coming to Maes Law which still feels a bit like a return to the ‘mother ship’. Welcome, Eva!

We have already brought thousands of knowledge migrants to the Netherlands, but we have remarkably not, as an office, taken any knowledge migrants on board. With the arrival of Anand Khandelwal, that will change since Anand has the Indian nationality and remained in the Netherlands as a knowledge migrant after completing his study. Practice what you preach you might say. Anand and his team, which is still to be determined, will work from our office in Rotterdam (as far as the corona measures allow of course).

That is, however, not the only thing that is special about Anand: he is also the first software developer to work with us and thereby gives form to our ambition to become one of the most innovative law firms in the Netherlands. Anand will work on the formation of his team and has been given the task of developing and implementing with his still to be determined team what we call Efficiency Enhancement and Client Oriented Software.’ Eventually – the first products must have been implemented by mid-2021 – we want to increase the efficiency of our office considerably without overburdening our employees. At the same time, we want to make our services increasingly innovative. All this, of course, subject to the highest security and privacy standards. Quite a challenge, but to lag behind in this area is simply not an option. So we resolutely choose to forge ahead. Welcome, Anand!

In December this year we have another addition to our team on the agenda, but more about that later.

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