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mr. J. (Julien) Luscuere


Julien Luscuere (pronounced: Lus-ku-re) started in 1991 as a student volunteer at the Legal Aid Clinic (Rechtswinkel) Rotterdam. After a few years of working as an HBO lecturer and policy officer in the government, he switched to law in 2000. This is where his two major passions lie: immigration and labour law. Right of residence and employment is essential to a person's identity and development potential. There are therefore great personal and business interests at stake. Outstanding legal work can make a crucial difference here as does the will to really get to know and advance the client. Julien is capable of both. He likes to come up with unorthodox arguments and creative discoveries, but only if the case so requires. Speed and security are at least as important, and long-term and costly procedures should be avoided.

In addition to his work for both private and business clients, Julien is also active as a teacher and speaker, such as at the Landelijke Werkgroep Vreemdelingenrecht for an audience of 150 lawyers. He also writes articles and notes on legal proceedings in journals. Last but not least, he has been chairman of the Specialist Association Migration Law Lawyers (SVMA) since september 2018, and since 2015 secretary of the board of the Foundation Migration Law Netherlands (Stichting Migratierecht Nederland).

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