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A.A. (Anand) Khandelwal

Innovation Lead

Anand graduated as an Integrated Product Designer from TU Delft in 2016 and returned to India to set-up a design team at his father’s manufacturing firm. There he headed the development of several new products before moving back to The Netherlands in 2019 to pursue a career in digital design. By chance he met Julien Luscuere. The two connected on the prospect of bringing design thinking and digital technologies to legal practice and Julien introduced Anand to Maes Law. He now works as an Innovation Lead and spends his time using UX and Service Design techniques to create value for internal and external stakeholders of Maes Law. His goal is to use digital technologies to make services more customer-centric, transparent and efficient.

Anand is a curious person who wants to find answers to the questions of "why" and "how". Diving into the unknown is nothing new for him. Besides having worked on several innovation projects, Anand has also gained first-hand experience of being a Highly Skilled Migrant in The Netherlands. He now focuses on creating user-friendly software solutions that address challenges faced by employers and employees in the field of international labour migration.

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