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M. (Miriam) Berendes-Currey

Manager audit immigration

Since 2012, Miriam has been involved in the employment of third-country nationals as an HR & Payroll professional. First at a recruitment agency specialized in seconding highly educated professionals in the maritime sector and from 2017 at a payroll provider who, as a recognized sponsor, acted as a bridge between many international companies and their highly skilled migrants. In her role at these companies, she saw firsthand where the opportunities, challenges and pitfalls lie in employing third-country nationals.

In March 2020, Miriam decided to take a new path and started as an HR Process & Payroll Consultant. She has been able to support and advise various companies and consultants in the fields of HR, Payroll and business processes. In this role, it soon became clear to Miriam that advice is desperately needed when employing third-country nationals and that most companies are simply unaware of the conditions and risks.

Bart Maes made known his wishes for an audit product and the role he saw for Miriam in this. The expertise within Maes Law in combination with her experience in working with third-country nationals as HR & Payroll professional immediately turned out to be a perfect match. Within Maes Law, Miriam will advise on how many of these problems can be prevented and - if necessary - solved.

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