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E. (Emma) Fredriksz

Legal intern

In the final year of high school, Emma started "How To Get Away With Murder," a show about a group of American law students. Because of this, Emma realized that this direction is very interesting, so she decided to start studying Legal Administrative Services at Zadkine.

She completed her first year there, and this also included an internship. Finding the internship was not easy. Because of corona many offices did not want to hire an intern. Emma decided to ask Maes Law if there was a spot left, and here she was welcomed with open arms.

Emma wants to learn as much as possible during her internship. She prepares letters, calls the IND to schedule appointments and offers support in setting up systems. She ensures that matters are well planned and organized so everyone within Maes Law can work efficiently. Therefore, her colleagues are very happy that she will stay at Maes Law during her second internship period as well!

Next to her internship at Maes Law, she loves to play tennis and works at the supermarket during the weekends. Unstoppable, our Emma!

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