Intra-EU service provision

An important pillar within the EU, but often unknown despite its daily occurrence in many forms. Think of a German construction company that is going to set up an office building here or a Polish employment agency that makes people – sometimes not EU / EEA / Swiss nationals – available in the Netherlands.

We are able to master the content from A to Z and navigate you through the many complex rules, always using the same “table of five”:

  1. Immigration (only if it does not involve EU / EEA or Swiss nationals)
  2. Employment laws and working conditions
  3. Social security (including the infamous A1)*
  4. Tax*
  5. Pension*

Intra-EU service provision is so much more than a notification via or a ‘Waadi-registration’ of the foreign service provider. Did you know that we are the only office that has found a method approved by the UWV to obtain an advance ruling on intra-EU service provision involving non-EU / EEA or Swiss nationals? Very nice if there are 25 temporary workers from Poland with the Ukrainian nationality working for you in the Netherlands.

* via and/or together with other specialists