Corporate law / M&A

As a businessperson you are mainly engaged in business. In everything you do in your company, you perform legal acts, enter into agreements, enter into contracts and are subject to legal provisions and restrictions. And that is not always so obvious.

Maes Law specialises in corporate law in the broadest sense. Our experienced specialists know what it is like to do business. You are always assured of personalised contact and strategic advice.

We advise and litigate for mainly medium to large national and international companies and organisations. We often act as a legal and strategic sparring partner for these companies.

And here too we search for niches. For example, an inspection by the Inspectorate SZW can also lead to civil proceedings for unlawful government action. Or we address one or more cartel partners on behalf of one or more victims of a cartel to obtain compensation. Just some examples.


  • Strategy

  • Dutch Legal entities (B.V., N.V., etc.)

  • Partnerships and V.O.F.'s

  • Corporate chamber of the Court of Appeal ('Ondernemingskamer')

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mr. M.A. (Martin) Poelman

External legal consultant


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