Corporate recovery / insolvency

If your company is in difficulty or has to deal with the (imminent) bankruptcy of a customer or supplier, you will not only have a stressful situation to deal with, but also divergent interests. Important decisions will have to be made.

Maes Law specialises in bankruptcy law, also known as insolvency law, and is now also referred to as corporate recovery. And that requires specialists. We support you skilfully and creatively if your company is in difficulty.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of:

  • Bankruptcies and their prevention

  • Payment suspensions and their prevention

  • So-called ‘pre-pack procedures’

We will soon add the ‘WHOA-procedure’ to this list, after approval of the Homologation Private Agreement Act (currently pending in the Dutch Senate). We can also assist you in proceedings in these areas, for example against curators.


  • Insolvency law

  • Suspension of payments

  • Pre-pack

  • Homologation Private Agreement Act ('WHOA')

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