Civil litigation

Disputes are the order of the day, especially in an international market. A dispute can paralyse business operations and then sometimes litigation is inevitable. We assist you in legal proceedings in all kinds of areas and our approach is always tailor-made: aggressive if necessary and indulgent where the means better serves the end results.

Our specialists regularly represent clients in litigation and arbitration involving numerous industries, services, regions and jurisdictions. This may include proceedings before a normal court and in arbitration proceedings. Since 1 January 2019, this also includes the Netherlands Commercial Court (NCC), where proceedings can be brought entirely in English.

The procedures can deal with civil or corporate law issues. In addition to the district courts and the Courts of Appeal, we also have the companies chamber of the Appeal Court (‘Ondernemingskamer’) in the Netherlands for all kinds of corporate law disputes. In international matters, we appeal to foreign lawyers in our networks.


  • Liability and damages

  • Class actions (Wamca)

  • Netherlands Commercial Court (NCC)

  • Cartel damages

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mr. M.A. (Martin) Poelman

External legal consultant


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